Who are we

I want to enlighten those around me..

I have a little flame in me that shines . I want to enlighten those around me by sharing my joy, my energy And my happiness .

Like many of you, the health crisis that we still suffer today affected me a lot . Isolation made me question a lot of things.

I realized that to be happy , it is important to realize oneself and to find meaning in one's life, both in the private and professional spheres. The breath of inspiration to find answers and create a company that meets my expectations and my values ​​is thanks to Petra that I owe.

Dogs are never judgmental!

Dogs are never judgmental. Whether you are dressed to the nines with a 3-piece suit or a sumptuous dress, or whether you are in pilou pilou pajamas just out of bed, dark circles in your eyes and a sad look, you will love .

My dog ​​helped me a lot to overcome the loneliness, isolation and questioning that I was experiencing. She was my pass to get out of the apartment once a day and get some fresh air , but above all it was a source of immense happiness .

I danced with her in the living room, I found myself on all fours playing with her like a fury, i cried laughing in front of his facial expressions and I shared thousands of hugs loaded with love.

I realized how much a dog could be a real unique and precious life companion .

And we gave birth to KANYMO...

My brother, Jule, has been a great support. the two of us, as passionately invested as each other , we form a shock team.

As in the good old days when we were volunteers in the same shelter, here we are at the head of a company that represents our values ​​and fully responds to our convictions.

We have therefore, together, given birth to Kanymo in 2021 , a small family business in our image.


We created this company for two reasons, the first to act:

The products we sell make it possible to bring more comfort, safety or well being to you and your dog.

They make your life easier and are a real plus for your pet. With my brother, we consider it important to offer you these items at a reasonable and justified price to be within everyone's reach . We are uncompromising on quality, but we always study the price at the fairest so that it is accessible to all budgets.

We offer you useful articles on a daily basis .

The second area where we want to intervene is raising awareness .

For us, understanding your animal is essential so that cohabitation is a source of happiness. It is important that each master takes full advantage of his animal . A dog can be the best companion that will cross your path as long as you have the right keys in hand.

So we created in parallel with our shop a stuffed blog tips and tricks to better understand your doggie . Filling up on knowledge is the best way to bring to your dog happiness, health and balance .

Our advice will allow you to create a beautiful bond between you so that your cohabitation turns into a a wonderful friendship!

Jule and Jade.

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