How to protect your doggie this winter?

Dog coat with integrated harness, good advice for choosing the right one!

A jacket for this winter for your dog, you have already thought about it. But given the wide choice on the market, you have never started buying this accessory. Which dog coat to choose? How to choose the ideal winter jacket according to your pet? 

Don't worry, here, we explain everything to you!

Dog jackets have been in the news a lot over the past few years. At first, however, it was not won for them! Negative and mocking comments were rife on the net. It must be said that the stars who dressed their Chihuahua in sequined pink puffer jackets did not really help to promote the advantages of this canine accessory and yet… there are many of them! 

Today, the coat is an aesthetic accessory, but also practical and useful to protect your four-legged friend from the evils of winter. Rain, wind, cold… the climate is changing and in this winter season there are many inconveniences for your dog. They have an impact on your beloved fur ball which suffers full force tremors, discomfort and joint pain. The back is probably the most fragile. Highly exposed to humidity and cold, it is the winning combo for suffering from sometimes intense pain. No wonder that in these conditions, your pooch is reluctant to go out for a walk with you. He who is however so happy to go out for a walk usually, he is depressed and no longer wants to put the tip of his nose outside! 

But, put yourself in his place… with such a temperature and a high humidity level which increases the feeling of cold, you've already put on a sweater, jacket and scarf to go out as soon as the sun comes out. Your companion, of course, has his coat to protect him. But, for some breeds, this is not enough. Not everyone has the coat of an Afghan Hound or a Bernese Mountain Dog! It is simply not equipped for winter. 

To protect it, the waterproof jacket or the fleece coat are the ideal clothes to face the winter in all serenity. 

Now, let's see together the quality criteria for choosing the right dog coat. Our advice will allow you to find the ideal accessory for your animal according to its size, its length, its specific needs, and all this at an affordable price for your wallet!

Coat to face the winter? 

The dogs of Nordic breeds, hunting, herding or even the so-called primitive breeds do not need a jacket to protect themselves from the cold or the humidity. These are dogs that generally have thick fur and a sturdy skeleton. In other words, they are naturally adapted to cold climates. 

On the other hand, small breeds of companion dogs , toys and more generally dogs with short hair or fine fur support the cold season more difficultly . This is the case with Chihuahuas, Shih-Tzus, Miniature Pinschers and even Jacques Russells. Larger breeds, such as greyhounds, can also suffer from the cold and humidity during the winter season. Their coat is very thin and they are not at all suited to cold environments.

Puppies, old dogs or sick dogs can also be weakened by age or illness. They have more difficulty producing and preserving body heat . Dogs, however, equipped for winter, such as the German Shepherd or the Border Collie, may at some point in their life need warm protection for the coming winter season.

To know if your dog needs a winter coat, rely on his behavior. If you notice that he shivers easily or is increasingly reluctant to go outside as soon as the weather isn't as good as before, then a protective coat or jacket is surely necessary.

Choosing the right waterproof winter coat for optimal protection

Good clothing for your dog must meet several criteria:

  • Security
  • Protection 
  • Insulation

Protecting your pet: the high-quality winter coat

In terms of protection, the dog coat should be waterproof and protect your pet from rain and wind. In winter, it is the humidity and the squalls that are difficult for your animal to bear. The polyester and the fleece combination allow your dog to store heat and protect itself from temperature variations. 

Thanks to a weaving and a waterproofing technology, the raindrops bead on the fabric and do not penetrate. Your pet's hair stays perfectly dry . This is one of the advantages of this type of clothing. A winter suit for your dog that offers good value for money must protect the most fragile animals through waterproof fabric and a fleece coating on "at risk" areas, i.e. the back and neck. . 

Concerned about the well-being of your dog, Kanymo offers you high quality winter clothing at an affordable price. The MultiCoat waterproof dog coat perfectly protects your pets from the cold and the rain so that they can enjoy walks with you in peace, whatever the season! 

Insulation of your dog's winter jacket

The fleece lining has a double advantage. It allows your dog to produce heat, but also to protect him from the cold outside. The joints, spine, and neck are sensitive areas for small, short-haired breeds and older dogs. Clothing for dogs must therefore adapt to their morphology and offer complete and optimal protection of these areas. 

The MultiCoat suit is a soft and comfortable down jacket for dogs with a high collar to prevent infiltration (cold and humidity).

Safety first !

Opting for this type of clothing is not trivial. It is an accessory that must meet various safety criteria. At Kanymo, we are very concerned about the comfort of your dog and the quality of the finished product is essential. 

Our waterproof coat for dogs is specially designed to accompany your pet during its walks, that is to say, it follows the movements of the dog. When your pet frolics, jumps, runs, our dog coat does not hinder his movements . There is no chafing or discomfort when wearing the fleece jacket. 

Practical and adjustable: the winter coat for dogs with integrated harness seen by Kanymo!

At Kanymo, we are not just a seller of canine accessories, we are above all a team of enthusiasts and we are, just like you, dog owners . We are therefore used to walking our furballs in the middle of nature and we know what it is to "hassle" to put on a harness or to have the bad surprise that the suit comes off. Not very safe, especially in the middle of town! 

We have therefore prioritized safety and practicality. 

Our dog coat is easy to put on. It's as easy as putting on your pants! You have the waterproof jacket on the ground, fleece facing you. Then the dog puts these paws in the holes provided for this purpose and you just have to pull up the waterproof coat to put it on completely. 

Then we decided to integrate a harness for walks directly into the fabric of the coat. The closure not only protects your dog from the cold and damp, but also prevents the coat from coming off. The harness also has a clip. It is easy to use and provides additional security. 

Once your waterproof coat is on perfectly, all you have to do is attach your dog to the two rings and fully enjoy beautiful walks in winter!

The little extras of the MultiCoat

Comfortable and pleasant to wear, the MultiCoat will quickly become your pet's favorite accessory. But, while the coat has many benefits for your dog, it also has valuable benefits for you. 

The harness has reflective strips. At night, you can see your dog better and this makes it safer. The strap is also adjustable. No risk of your dog "undressing" without your consent! 

Quality stitching, top-of-the-range finishes, polyester and fleece fabrics, sturdy zipper, adjustable strap, integrated harness, our winter coats are ideal for equipping all dogs who suffer from the cold!

Coats for dogs: Kanymo's advice for choosing yours!

In order for your pet's fleece and waterproof jacket to fit perfectly, you must take their measurements.

  • The back: length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
  • The chest: diameters from shoulder to shoulder passing under the belly at the level of the base of the front legs.
  • The neck: length of the diameter of the neck.

Depending on your dog's measurements, the size varies. From one race to another, a size S can still meet a few centimeters difference. This is why, at Kanymo, our straps are adjustable to adapt to the morphology of your dog. 

Available in 3 colors (khaki green, orange-red or purple-pink) and 4 sizes (SML-XL), the MultiCoat coat is adjustable and adapts perfectly to your animal's morphology.

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