What if your dog lacked activity? And if your dog needs an interesting toy

You love your 4-legged friend and you give him all the love he needs. He only asks for tenderness . He is literally addicted to your hugs . Although… Does he really need only that? Despite all the time and love you devote to him , you realize that there may be something missing in his daily life... without really putting your finger on it!

For your dog to be fully fulfilled, you must meet his essential needs, his primary needs. They are just as important to take into account as his physical health or the quality of his kibble. I am of course talking about his psychological well-being and his need for cognitive activities . To better understand the nature of his deep aspirations, a little debriefing is in order! 

Follow the guide, we'll explain everything there is to know so that your pooch is comfortable in his pads!

The search for food

The dog is a distant cousin of the wolf, so it shares some characteristics with it. Don't panic, he won't start hunting in your living room or howl at the full moon!

However, if for the wolf the search for food takes up precious time , for the dog… we are getting closer too! 

Yes, your dog, he likes to play, but he also likes to search ! This need is anchored in him, it is part of his primary instincts. 

Boredom is your dog's number one enemy . This can cause him to do silly things "to keep himself busy", but also to withdraw into himself little by little and lose his alertness .
For him to preserve his youth and his ardor, you must enrich his environment. Read this article to the end, we give you some tips below to occupy Médor!

The importance of flair

You won't have missed it: your dog smells, sniffs or even sniffs almost anything and everything . A flower, a pebble, your shoes, a congener, in short… on a walk… he doesn't have his nose in the wind, but his nose on the ground!

Indeed, the sense of smell of the dog is hyper developed. If it is 40 times more powerful than ours, its brain is also capable of memorizing more than 100,000 smells! Basically, smells are a bit like his own Facebook ! He knows what's going on in all the neighborhoods around, he compares his latest outings with those of friends and keeps up to date with the next events in his walking territory! Sniffing, for him, is pure happiness. 

The glutton problem 

Some dogs are not only greedy, they are real voracious! If he takes more than 1 minute and 19 seconds to finish his bowl, you're happy! The bowl is whistled in record time. The problem is that it is not good for his health at all ! 

  • He might turn his stomach . The croquettes arrive "too quickly" in the stomach and the digestive system, in particular chewing has not had time to do its job. 
  • He swallows a lot of air. 
  • He doesn't feel full and he's always hungry .
  • He gets very excited and tends to "eat" anything that falls under his nose while walking.
  • He has bad breath (but like… really bad breath 🤢 )!

Foraging, super powerful and motivated truffle, gluttonous phenomenon, mix it all up and you get: the right to offer enrichments to your pooch!

There are plenty of ways to bring him psychological well-being , stimulate his mental capacities , relieve boredom and exercise his flair . 

Kanymo offers a category of toys that allows your companion to think a little to get his favorite treats. You put some kibble inside and he'll have to fumble or shake to reach his precious!

The excavation mats are extraordinary! They reproduce the “search” for food outdoors. Your dog will have to use his flair to find the hiding place of his treats!

With walks, good kibble and his new toys, he will be the happiest of dogs! Occupation, mental stimulation and the development of his olfactory abilities will fill him with happiness. A happy dog ​​is a healthy dog ​​for a long time. 

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