How to choose the right bed for your dog?

It's not you who will say the opposite, sleep is essential! A good cozy nest is pleasant, it feels good. After a good night's sleep, we have a hell of a catch to attack the day!

For your 4-legged friend, it's the same thing.

Well, I'll grant you, the immaculate king size bed and the silk sheets, maybe that's a little too much. And then, you don't even have sheets at that price for your bed, it would be a bit of an abuse for the dog to be more luxury than the master!

sleeping your dog

When I say that a dog's sleep is important, I mean that it has an impact on his physical and psychological shape. Just like a human, a tired dog will very quickly lose vitality and accumulate health concerns. That's why for your companion also sleep is important. A dog who sleeps badly will not be in good shape and this will inevitably have an impact on his health.

How to choose the right bedding for your dog

In this article, I invite you to discover the different types of beds, but also how to choose the one that will best suit your dog. At the end of this article, you will also know where to place his bedding and you will understand that the location is very important.

Types of bedding

Cushions and rugs. 
Light and compact, they are easily moved as needed. Generally, the cushions have removable covers, which allows you to put the cover in the washing machine from time to time (after 2 or 3 walks around a pond and a detour through a field of cows, you'll see that it's not luxury! ).
This type of bedding is more suitable for an adult dog. The young will tend to chew and tear the fabrics. They are still small and learning, everything is a game for them. And then they also need to teethe the first few months. They chew anything that passes within 5 cm of the truffle (yes, yes, you'll see 😁).
There is a whole variety of shapes and models that will suit your dog, but also your decor if you want the living room to match (you can have a dog and a beautiful living room, the two are not incompatible!).
Finally, for old doggies who suffer from osteoarthritis or who have a fragile back and pelvis, shape memory cushions are highly recommended.
Again, he has a very wide choice of models. For a puppy, I advise you to opt for a plastic basket. They are often less expensive and it is a little less frustrating to see it chewed up after 2 days. Then, you should know that a puppy grows quite quickly in the first months so it will not be adapted to its morphology for long. For a little more comfort, you can add an old blanket, rug or cushion to the bottom of the basket.
Fabric or leather baskets are perfectly suited to an adult dog. They are quite comfortable and they hold up perfectly over time.

How to choose the bedding?

To choose the right bedding (well, that of your dog), you must first know what it means for your 4-legged friend.

The bedding is not just where he goes to sleep. It is his refuge, his landmark, his own place and only his. It's his stronghold!

Without this mark, your dog will quickly be lost. He will get restless, be constantly on the move, he will not know where to land. Whether your dog sleeps on a basket, on a blanket or on the floor, it is essential to choose a place for him in the house. This will become an essential benchmark for its balance. As far as possible, his bed should stay in the same place so as not to disturb him. He will take refuge there when he is tired, when he is afraid, needs peace or after having done something stupid.

sleeping your dog

Depending on the place where you install the bedding, the morphology of the dog and its character, some beds will be more suitable than others.

It is necessary to adapt to the age, to the morphology, to the health problem if there is one and to the character of the dog. Some, for example, need to feel protected and confined, so a basket or a small niche will be more suitable. For others, like those who sleep like larvae, on their backs with their lips exposed, it is better to opt for a bedding… let's say a little more extended… Like a cushion or a carpet.

Then you have to take into account the age of the dog.

If you have a puppy, you can imagine that the first few months there will be some nonsense. It's not worth taking something too sophisticated and even less a wicker basket (it's a real call to chew this kind of thing!).

For grandmas and grandmas, you can do them a lot of good by choosing a memory foam rug, for example. Your old companion will have a much more pleasant and restorative sleep.

Where to install the bed of your companion?

Ideally and if it is not in a passage (right in the middle of the hallway just in front of the bathroom door for example, admit that it would be a bit silly…) you can put the bedding where your dog lies down more often. It is a place he appreciates and where he feels safe. He will therefore go on his bed on his own without you teaching him to do so.

If your furball has just arrived and hasn't chosen its favorite corner yet, you can choose for it. The most important thing is that his place is not in a draft to prevent him from taking a cold snap. It has to be a quiet place where he can see you without necessarily letting him gossip. In other words, your dog must not be able to control all your actions and movements. He must learn to stay in his place. His bed should be in a quiet place where he will not be disturbed, but where he will not disturb himself either.

As far as possible, if the configuration of your home allows it, I advise you to place the dog's basket along the walls.

There you go, you know everything there is to know about sleeping your dog. Now all you have to do is enjoy a good nap together (but not necessarily in the same basket 😁!)

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